Download plugin to hide external links WP-NoRef

Your close attention is invited to the nofollow plugin WP-NoRef. This plugin is for one of the most popular cms WordPress.


Its purpose is to enclose all external links required by the administrator that are published on the site (or will be published in the future) in the noindex tag with the addition of the nofollow attribute. Thus, these same links are hidden from search engines. And this is one of the most important points in SEO promotion. This means that a sacred action is taking place, allowing you to count on the best places in the search engine results.



This plugin was created more than ten years ago by Alexander Blinov, for which he is honored and praised!



To install the plugin, go to the zip subheading and download the plugin to your computer. Installation is carried out using standard WordPress tools. Activate the plugin after installation.


Upload the downloaded plugin to your WordPress site


Click “install”



Click “activate plugin”


What is inside

This plugin is quite simple – it consists of only one file. Anyone more or less versed in code can easily read the contents of this php file. And make sure it’s safe and working.


In the settings, the plugin offers to add those domains or classes that do not need to be hidden from search engines in a special window. The remaining domains/classes will be automatically enclosed in the noindex tag with the nofollowattribute added to them.



Download this simple and useful plugin from the link: WP-NoRef


An attentive visitor must have noticed that the plugin has not been updated for a long time. And this means that no one has checked it for compatibility with fresh versions of WordPress. You download and use the WP-NoRef plugin at your own risk. No one, including the administration of this site, bears any responsibility for possible damage to your projects.

At the same time, it is an absolutely established fact that this simple plugin does not contain any malicious code deliberately injected into it!

Remember that too many open dofollow links on a website or blog cause search engines to consider it as spammy, which means it is of poor quality.

Good luck with your progress!

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  1. xontos

    a good plugin for nofollow – simple and clear.